Guys and Gals: Let’s Talk Lady’s Hair

There is at least one thing most us women have in common: our love for our hair.

Whether we’re sporting a short, edgy cut, or long wavy locks, most days our self-esteem relies on whether it’s a good or bad hair day. How you wear your hair really helps define your style and helps you stand out in a crowd.

So, where do the “guys” come in?

Well, I recently read a blog entry about a girl who got ballsy one day and in a bold move, cut all her hair off. Little did she know, that her boyfriend of 3 years was completely turned off by girls with short hair.

It ultimately ended their relationship. Crazy, right?

It got me thinking, how many hairstyles that I myself find attractive, completely turn off most men?

In this post we are going to compare some currently popular celebrity hairstyles (mostly my current favorites) and take a poll in the comments on what men and women prefer. Ladies, you might be shocked to find that what we find attractive, most men don’t.

1. Miley Cyrus with her bold new look. 


Since Miley traded in her long, brown locks for a short, platinum do, there have been mixed reviews. After revealing her new haircut there was almost an uproar of fans rioting against Miley’s new hair. Though, the fans seem to have settled down and come to accept her new style many people still find her new hair repulsive. What do you think?

2. Hayley Williams’ baby bangs


People typically expect drastic hairstyles from rocker chicks like Paramore’s leading lady Hayley Williams. That still didn’t stop many of Paramore’s fans from voicing their extremely harsh opinions about Hayley’s new look on Twitter and Instagram. Hayley actually fired back a couple of times stating that she doesn’t really care how people feel about her bangs. Hayley has been growing her bangs out as of the past few months, so you all can calm down and expect her hair to return back to it’s normal state.

3. Lucy Hale, sporting a long, thick, wavy ombre style. 


While Lucy Hale’s hair seems to be universally gorgeous you’d be surprised at the amount of people who find her hairstyle and hairstyles similar to hers to be completely bland. I guess those guys and gals would prefer more edgy looks like the two previous.

4. Katy Perry with purple hair. 


Obviously Katy Perry is a bit experimental with her hair, sporting all kinds of crazy colors. I chose this because it is my personal favorite (I’ve always wanted purple hair, but never had the balls). Though, many people find her crazy colors to be too drastic, and prefer her natural look. I just prefer Katy Perry in any way, shape, or form, but I do love some purple hair.

5. Jessica Biel’s straight bangs.


While, Jessica’s hair in this photo doesn’t seem to be too edgy or something that could really be considered  “unattractive,” in my opinion, many people feel differently. I have heard men refer to this hairstyle as the “shaggy dog” look. Many people also dislike not being able to see the eyebrows, which automatically makes them assume the person is hiding something pretty gnarly under there.

So, which is your favorite? Do you guys and gals prefer the edgier looks, like Miley Hayley, and Katy, or are you more likely to go for the safe yet still beautiful route like Lucy and Jessica?

Don’t like any of them? Mention your own favorites and link us to them!

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